Masiela Lusha was born in Tirana, the Capital city of Albania.  Her family moved to Budapest, Hungary, Vienna, Austria, and finally settled in America when she was seven years old; English is her fourth language.   In 1997, at the age of 12, Masiela became the youngest author in the world to publish and illustrate a […]

Time of the Comet

I received a call from the filmmakers of “Time of the Comet” while I was in China filming “Blood: The Last Vampire.” Although I was cautioned against reading too many scripts while on set, my curiosity swept me into a whole new story of purity and betrayal, of the ultimate sacrifice for love, and the […]


When I read the script for “Blood,” I knew that I absolutely had to play the character of Sharon. I craved for a role that would push me to see how far I could take a role, and playing a demon in a martial arts action film allowed me to experience something truly exhilarating. Sharon […]


When I read the script and saw the heart-wrenching documentary about the killings in Mexico, I realized that “Muertas” was a gem of a story. It follows the lives of an aspiring journalist named Ethan (played by Ryan Williams) and a young factory worker named Araceli (played by yours truly). For me, it was a […]

Signed in Blood

SIGNED IN BLOOD I play the part of Nadia in “Signed in Blood.” Illuminary Pictures is co-producing. This project will be a full 3-D CGI crime drama with a huge potential as a 3-D CGI film. Just imagine it, futuristic vehicles whizzing around in 3-D! Gigantic construction cranes, and mono rail transports coming right at […]