Masiela Lusha was born in Tirana, the Capital city of Albania.  Her family moved to Budapest, Hungary, Vienna, Austria, and finally settled in America when she was seven years old; English is her fourth language. 

 In 1997, at the age of 12, Masiela became the youngest author in the world to publish and illustrate a book of poetry in two languages.  She then received the acknowledgment of becoming of one of the Top Ten Talented Poets for North America for her first book, “Inner Thoughts.”  A distinguished author, Masiela continued to write,  publishing “Drinking the Moon”, “Amore Celeste: The Complete Collection”,  and her first novel, “The Besa”; her writings also include screenplays, children’s books, essay’s and literary translations including the translation of several of Mother Theresa’s poems.

 In her acting career Masiela has risen from the lead as Carmen Lopez on the recently syndicated ABC series “George Lopez” to star in such films as Pathe’s “Time of the Comet,” where she portrayed Saint Agnes and performed her dialogue entirely in Albanian. Masiela soon after starred in Sony Picture’s action-thriller, “Blood: The Last Vampire.”  While working for Warner Brothers and ABC, Masiela starred in a diverse genre of features, including “My Father’s Euology” and a regular voice-over for “Clifford’s Puppy Days.”  Masiela also starred in “Muertas”; in this production, Masiela’s dialogue was entirely in Spanish; though she did not speak a word of the language, she was thrilled with the challenge.  In addition to her awards for being a talented, young, author; Masiela has also been awarded in her acting career as she has received two consecutive Young Artist Awards for Best Actress in Comedy and Drama for her portrayal as Carmen Lopez. 

 On a personal note, while working full-time, Masiela graduated from high school two years early, at the age of 15, and transferred to Glendale College. Upon receiving her AA, Masiela was accepted at 18 as a Junior at UCLA, majoring in Creative Writing.   Masiela ambitions continued to flourish as she founded Illuminary Pictures at the age of 23, and has since wrapped two films under the company name. 

Two important aspects of Masiela’s life are Sentabale, and her own 501(c)3 Children of the World Foundation.  For Children of the World, she plans to start close to home in Southern California where she donated ten acres of land for a community center focused on rehabilitating families in need.  Other chapters will develop across the United States and eventually expand in other parts of the world.

“My passion is to enterain the world with hope and humanity.  I believe every one of us strives to be a better person; and if I am to contribute only one thing of myself, it would be compassion.”

Masiela Lusha