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Drinking the Moon \ Inner Thoughts

What inspires me to write poetry . . . The world. Poetry, is the ultimate expression of human experience. Poetry is a recurring way of life in my family. My mother is a poet and my aunt in Vienna is a poet. So, I have always had an affinity for figures of speech. Words, are beyond any doubt, the most powerful tool we humans have invented to wage wars and make vows. Words have a color of their own, as well as emotions. Through poetry, you can paint a masterpiece of philosophy, and you can hum a song into the reader’s heart-because in essence, the reader always carries the poem, and judges its worth according to his own wisdom and experiences.

masiela lusha Literary Works

My poetic inspiration will always be my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Presta. She encouraged me to read my poems to the class. Before being in Mrs. Presta’s class, I always kept my poetry hidden. I didn’t have any interest in sharing my rawest emotions and insecurities to others. But it was a turning point when I saw my classmates’ smiles and I realized their appreciation for what I had to say (in my shaky voice). I learned to accept this side of my creativity. Since that time in Mrs. Presta’s class, nothing has held me back. I’ve been openly writing ever since.

I see poetry as nature’s smallest details framed into one beautiful piece of art colored with words. That one little freckle above someone’s lips carries a world of stories and philosophies for me. I am fortunate to have experienced so many rich and diverse cultures growing up. The experiences fed my curiosities about people and the unseen world inside their mind.

I needed to find a way to filter all my observations into a letter to the reader-to recount what I thought and what I learned at the time. Sometimes what I observed was too abstract or noble to describe in simple prose. This is why I write poetry.

I would love, you, the reader, to find a piece of yourself in my words and observations. I write my poetry with you in mind.