Drinking the Moon

“Drinking the Moon”

Masiela Lusha Drinking The Moon Poetry Book Poems

As I grew to learn and appreciate some rules in poetry, I was then able to hone the essence of my curiosity into one carefully crafted poem. I learned how to control my prose in “Drinking the Moon,” without diluting my little philosophies. That was my greatest achievement of all!

“Drinking the Moon” is a collage of my observations. If my poems were to be little diary entries, I don’t believe I could sum up my life lessons into one theme. However, through this book, I am able to express them. My curiosity is vast, reaching the stars and the sea, each with its little gem of a realization, never repeating itself; because, life as we know it, never does repeat itself.

I delved into the sensory experience in writing this collection of poems. I trained my mind to find depth in the most common human gesture and experience. I learned to appreciate the subtleties of nature and to notice every day phenomenon as if I were experiencing it for the first time. I found myself realizing how fiery orange the mountains look against the cool azure sky. Colors became more vibrant. Shadows have a story of their own as well, and people become mysteries with all their hidden treasures. “Drinking the Moon” forced me to realize how precious and undiscovered this world truly is.