of silence

Jeremiah Sayys wrote, directed, co-produced, and starred in “Of Silence,” which centers on a scuba-diving instructor whose life is falling apart. An inner ear condition prevents him from teaching, so his business dries up, leading to mounting bills and debts, all while he’s trying to cope with the suicide of his ex-wife. The building pressure […]

Inner Thoughts

“Inner Thoughts” I was 12 when I wrote “Inner Thoughts,” my stories were my own. My rules, my very own. My figures of speech, my own. As a pre-teen I had certainties about myself and life without the years of wisdom to make sense of my observations. Writing “Inner Thoughts” helped me achieve clarity. My […]

Drinking the Moon

“Drinking the Moon” As I grew to learn and appreciate some rules in poetry, I was then able to hone the essence of my curiosity into one carefully crafted poem. I learned how to control my prose in “Drinking the Moon,” without diluting my little philosophies. That was my greatest achievement of all! “Drinking the […]

The George Lopez Show

Of Silence \ Signed In Blood \ Time of the Comet \ Blood: The Last Vampire \ Muertas I was 16 when I auditioned for the role of Carmen Lopez. The producers described the character as vulnerable but a fighter, funny but serious all at once. Since the character was only 13, I went to […]

Literary Works

Drinking the Moon \ Inner Thoughts What inspires me to write poetry . . . The world. Poetry, is the ultimate expression of human experience. Poetry is a recurring way of life in my family. My mother is a poet and my aunt in Vienna is a poet. So, I have always had an affinity […]