Signed in Blood

Masiela Lusha Signed In Blood


I play the part of Nadia in “Signed in Blood.” Illuminary Pictures is co-producing.

This project will be a full 3-D CGI crime drama with a huge potential as a 3-D CGI film. Just imagine it, futuristic vehicles whizzing around in 3-D! Gigantic construction cranes, and mono rail transports coming right at you, threatening to crush you! Bullets zipping past your head! Punches and kicks to the face and body, so real, you can almost feel the pain! Robots that can almost reach out and touch you!

Experience the sensation of sitting in the pilot’s seat of a flying car hundreds of feet above a futuristic cityscape, in a white knuckle chase and battle that surpasses all others and takes your breath away, in a hail of bullets, explosions and massive property destruction!

All this combined with a story that grabs you from the very beginning, and never let’s go until the very end, will make for a thrilling, movie going experience, and will garner worldwide attention.

While the film will be an ensemble piece, the five characters the story focuses on the most, is Morty (to be played by Michael Madsen) and George, our two protagonists, and the dilemmas they both must face as professional assassins, both of whom are struggling to save the women they love, Hana and Nadia respectively. And X, our antagonist, (to be played by Jurgen Prochnow).

Nadia is living a double life as the beautiful but sickly girlfriend of George, (a professional assassin) and as a drop dead gorgeous, double agent herself, assigned to get close to George using her feminine charms and kill him when ordered to by her employer, the mysterious X.


Here’s an exclusive early look at some conceptual artwork for the film.