Inner Thoughts

“Inner Thoughts”

Inner Thoughts masiela lusha

I was 12 when I wrote “Inner Thoughts,” my stories were my own. My rules, my very own. My figures of speech, my own. As a pre-teen I had certainties about myself and life without the years of wisdom to make sense of my observations. Writing “Inner Thoughts” helped me achieve clarity. My experience in writing the poems also helped me make sense of poetic forms and abstract figures of speech.

The theme of “Inner Thoughts” is finding love in my past, and finding hope in my future. Understanding loss, and appreciating the gifts of nature, was also a recurring theme in the book. Writing this became my therapy. A guide into myself.

I truly want for young adults to read “Inner Thoughts” and feel a sense of empowerment within them. I would very much like my book to be used as a tool for children to build their pedestals in life. If I did it, so can they.